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Hubei Tech Semiconductors Co., Ltd. (TECHSEM) is located in Xiangyang City of Hubei Province in China. Since its inception over 40 years ago TECHSEM has risen to become the largest supplier of high power semiconductors in China. In line with its export growth it has obtained all relevant international standards (IRIS, UL, IEC, RoHS etc.) and leverages a proactive QC system to ensure the manufacture and development of the highest quality products. 

TECHSEM manufacture press-pack (capsule) high power semiconductors up to 8.5kV and produce systems up to 300kA providing leading edge solutions in pressure contact technology. Its Power module production lines produce high quality pressure contact thyristor and diode modules up to 3.6kV and over 1000A per die. The pressure contact module provides many technical benefits over other solder based technologies.

TECHSEM leverages its cost efficiency, high level of quality and its improved technology to be an attractive supplier to replace many more well-known brands in the high power semiconductor market.

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